Community and Social Responsibility

Over the years, Waltersmith has identified with the host communities.

As part of its social responsibility programme, Waltersmith continues to invest in various community development projects that enhance social cohesion such as the provision of solar powered boreholes that supply portable water to the host community. In the same vein, the Company has completed town halls in the host community of Awarra, Ugama and Umuehe. The secondary school in our host community, Awarra, was provided with comprehensive Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Agricultural laboratory equipments.

In addition, Waltersmith has awarded 25 University and 60 Secondary School scholarships to deserving students and promoted science based educational development programs. Currently the indigenes of the host communities make up 25% of Waltersmith’s field staff.

A number of indigenous companies from the host community also provide various services to Waltersmith as part of our empowerment program designed to impact the economy of our host community.

Community Relations

Waltersmith also enjoys a cordial relationship with the host communities and governments with whom it operates a General Memorandum of understanding (GMOU). Waltersmith has operated an inclusive community relations policy which has led to investment in community projects that have enhanced social cohesion and economic empowerment. In addition, the company has provided scholarships to secondary and university students of the host community.

A new GMOU was executed in 2013 together with the representatives of the host communities and the state Government as well as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) focused on capacity Development in Communities.

Community Relations Policy

Waltersmith recognizes the host community as an integral part of the enterprise and is desirous of maintaining an excellent relationship with the communities in the places it operates.

The company acknowledges its responsibilities and obligations to the community and is committed to investing in development projects that enhances social cohesion and economic empowerment.

The objectives of the policy are as follows:

  1. Recognize the culture and rights of the host communities where we operate and comply with the law and regulations as applicable.

  2. Promote and ensure effective communication, dialogue and a healthy relationship with the community.

  3. Identify the critical social needs of the community and implement specific programs that will improve social standards.

  4. Identify structural gaps in the community and invest in projects to bridge such gaps.

  5. Allocate adequate resources and undertake a cost effective implementation of the above.

  6. Continually review and monitor the effectiveness and impact of our company initiatives with a view to improve on the overall process and the eventual outcomes.